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First things first, let us know that you're tired of paying an exorbitant electric bill by calling 931-674-1411 or by emailing us. We'll ask you some brief questions and setup a time for us to get together for your free TVA energy audit.

Energy Audit

This is where we come to your business to start counting your lights and assessing what kind of bulbs you're currently using. We get really excited when you are using those big ol' 450-1000 watters. That means we're going to be able to save you a TON of money!


We will get together once more to go over your custom solution to retrofit and install your new commercial LED lights. We will go over the breakdown of the pricing and financing, the rebates you will receive from the TVA and the tax incentives after the installation is complete.


The good thing about our commercial LED lighting products is that they come with 5-10 year warranties. If you have a bulb or two go out for whatever reason during that time, call us and we'll get them replaced at no cost to you!

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