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Counting lights - Getting excited. Yep. We truly get a kick out of getting to show you how much you're going to save by switching to energy efficient LED lighting in your business!

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    At Least 1/3 of Your Energy Usage is Waiting to be Saved

    About one-third of your business’ energy usage comes from lighting. Savings can also climb to 40-45% and sometimes 60%. And we're not even factoring in maintenance, HVAC and other non-utility savings.

    And That's Just the Beginning...

    When you make the switch the LED lights you're looking at:

    • Zero $$ Out of Pocket

      Big Dot Lighting can convert your business to energy efficient LED lighting with no money out of pocket with a typical break-even point occurring in under 30 months. Your project will be cash-flow positive on day one!

    • Maintenence Savings

      Big Dot Lighting deploys commercial LED bulbs and fixtures that are able to last 50,000+ hours. Plus with our 5-10 year warranties, you can zero out the lighting maintenance line item in your operating budget during those timeframes!

    • Help Paying for Your Lighting

      It's good to know people. Especially those who want to reduce the strain on our electrical grid. We are partners with various regional and national utility providers and work closely with them to help our clients acquire any available rebates to help convert their businesses to energy efficient commercial LED lighting.

    • New Business Classifications

      Converting your business to LED lighting could earn you Energy Star and LEED certifications. It's the cherry on top!

    Industrial LED Lighting Services

    Efficient lighting to keep you up and running.

    Commercial LED-Lighting Services

    The perfect lighting for companies big or small.

    LED Lighting as a Service

    More about our lighting and maintenance program.

    • Save on Cooling on Your Business

      The average 2x4 fluorescent troffer puts off about a human body's worth of heat. Multiply that by the number of lights in that particular office along with the humans occupying said office and that's quite a bit of heat! Energy efficient LED lighting puts off very little to no heat.

    • Be a Much Healthier Light

      Yep, LEDs are actually healthier for your employees. Studies have shown that sick time decreases while productivity increases when a working environment was converted to energy efficient LED lighting. They were certainly beneficial for cows and milk production at a dairy farm in Michigan. (click for article)

    • Cut Costs on Your Lighting Maintenence Budget

      LEDs have a 50,000+ hour average lifespan. Extreme low maintenance + Typical lifespan of ten plus years = No need to change bulbs as often.

    • Be a Better Quality of Light

      The Color Rendering and Quality are better than Fluorescent or CFL, plus they're dimmable.

    • Be Merch Sensitive

      They do not produce harmful U/V or fade merchandise in your display area. Car dealership? Fluorescents have been shown to zap the batteries in the cars on your showroom floor even if they're disconnected. Plus they make the new models look amazing.

    • Be More Resistant to Breakage

      Have to contend with varying temperatures and environments? Bring it on. Plus on the rare occasion that they do bust, they're not filled with hazardous gas!

    Real Case Studies:
    "Exotic Cars Demand Lighting"

    "We were spending a ridiculous amount of money each month trying to light our showroom and the worst part was the lights we had weren't even doing a good job! Dim lighting doesn't do much for $100,000+ cars when you're trying to sell them online. Big Dot Lighting came in and decked the showroom of with BDL's Quickstrip LEDs at 5k color temp and now our cars literally pop off the photos and created a noticeable boost in engagement for sales. Plus, the showroom's utility bill is now lower than my own home's - it's a win, win."

    Brian, Owner
    Velocity Motorcars 

    • Contact Us to Schedule Your No Cost Energy Audit

      Let us know you're tired of paying an exorbitant electric bill, we'll ask you some brief questions, and then we'll schedule you for your free TVA energy audit.

    • We'll Conduct an Audit & Build a Custom Solution

      We'll come out and count your lights and assess the bulbs you're currently using, draw up a custom solution to retrofit your business, and review the specs with you.

    • Our Team Will Install Your New LED Lights

      Our licensed and insured contractors will come out and install your 5-10 warrantied LED lights around your schedule. We leave your space as good as when we found it.

    If you're interested in led lighting conversions, our company take care of it for you.


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