The L.a.M.P. Program

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A true partnership to optimize your lighting uptime
while minimizing upfront replacement costs

After many conversations with facility managers, building and business owners, we found that there was a desire for a partnership program. We developed the Lighting and Maintenence Partnership program to take responsibility for your facility's lighting uptime while updating your facility to energy efficient lighting technology.

L.a.M.P. Features

- Completes a capital project within an operational budget.
- Allows you to upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting now or incrementally.
- High-performance lighting provides 47% average energy savings.
- Monthly site visits to ensure optimal lighting uptime.
- Comprehensive maintenance coverage for your site's overall electrical system.
- Pricing is based on square footage eliminating the need for an extensive site survey.

L.a.M.P. Options

1. No Contract Monthly Lighting Partnership
As your current light fixtures fail, Big Dot Lighting will replace them with LED technology over time.

2. 5-Year Agreement
This includes a full LED lighting installation for your facility.

3. Electrical System Maintenence Option
For an additional cost per square foot, we will cover electrical labor needs that arise with your facility's electrical system.

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Sure, commercial LED Lighting will make your business brighter and look more cutting edge. They'll also...

  • Save on cooling your business.

    The average 2x4 fluorescent troffer puts off about a human body's worth of heat. Multiply that by the amount of lights in that particular office along with the humans occupying said office and that's quite a bit of heat! Energy efficient LED lighting puts off very little to no heat.

  • Be a much healthier light

    Yep, LEDs are actually healthier for your employees. Studies have shown that sick time decreases while productivity increases when a working environment was converted to energy efficient LED lighting. They were certainly beneficial for cows and milk production at a dairy farm in Michigan. (click for article)

  • Be a better quality of light

    The Color Rendering and Quality are better than Fluorescent or CFL, plus they're dimmable.g.

  • Be merch sensitive

    They do not produce harmful U/V or fade merchandise in your display area. Car dealership? Fluorescents have been shown to zap the batteries in the cars on your showroom floor even if they're disconnected. Plus they make the new models look AH-mazing.

  • Be more resistant to breakage

    Have to contend with varying temperatures and environments? Bring it on. Plus on the rare occasion that they do bust, they're not filled with hazardous gas!

  • Cut costs on your lighting maintenance budget.

    LEDs have a 50,000+ hour average lifespan. Extreme low maintenance + Typical lifespan of ten plus years = No need to change bulbs as often.

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